Because being a musician means you need to do more than just play music in order to eat, we have a variety of projects we are continually working on to share the love of music with our friends, family and fans.

The Fairy Godmother of Music, Melissa Behring’s solo family friendly sing along program.

Melissa Behring Trio, two acoustic guitars, two voices and an upright bass.

Guitar Jake Tobias, a vintage guitar gear aficionado and amazing guitar man.

The New Deal Band, Detroit’s original Yacht Rock Band as featured on Princess Cruises Vessels from 2010-2017.

Music with Ms Carissa, the early childhood development consultant and public speaker.

Kayser Cafe, tips, tricks and food advice from an adventurous healthy home cook.

Dream Town Media, LLC. The company behind the magic, doesn’t look like much, but it’s been our lifeblood in the entertainment and digital world since 2007.