Melissa Behring & Jake Tobias @ Kresge Hall Detroit

Please join us on Tuesday, November 27 at 5:30pm at the Metropolitain United Methodist Church for a set of great acoustic soul songs during the 5 O’Clock Rush Concert series in Kresge Hall. I am so excited to return to this amazing concert series supporting the community and live music in Detroit.

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7MJ Acoustic @ American Legion Post 253

Friday June 22, 7-11pm, Jake Tobias & Melissa Behring will be performing their “Sountrack of Your Life” show to the American Legion on Main Street Royal Oak. We are excited to perform for our Veterans and their families.

We are especially looking forward to playing around the corner from our home. All you Royal Oak friends, here’s a great chance to hang out, have some great food and celebrate life in our lovely little neighborhood.

We are planning to play loads of requests, getting people up off their feet and have loads of fun. We’ve been working hard to add even more depth to our musical catalog in areas our fans have asked for like, more songs by Queen, The Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac. We’ve also included additions from groups like The Cranberries, Walk the Moon, The Bangles and FUN.